Presenting Our Latest Seasonal Ramen – Tori Ton Soba | IPPUDO SINGAPORE



Presenting Our Latest Seasonal Ramen – Tori Ton Soba

Savour our new and nourishing Tori Ton Soba that is packed with the rich, collagen goodness from a broth made of chicken.

Featuring silky smooth Tori Paitan (creamy chicken broth), this seasonal special showcases a unique spin on our milky tonkotsu soup base. The rich chicken broth is served with al-dente, medium-thick and flat wholewheat noodles, topped with tender chashu slices made from pork shoulder loin and chicken thigh, an umami egg, spring onions, freshly diced onions, black pepper and squid tempura flakes. And served with a side of umami-rich mentai butter and mini green salad.

This seasonal ramen is available from 8th July until end September 2020 at all IPPUDO outlets at S$16.50* per bowl (S$17.50 for takeaway & S$18.00 for delivery).

*Tori Ton Soba is priced at S$18.50 per bowl at IPPUDO Marina Bay Sands outlet and available for dine-in only.