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Everyone Can Be A Home Chef with IPPUDO’s First-Ever Home Cooking Ramen Meal Kit

IPPUDO’s newly launched, convenient DIY Ramen Meal Kit takes out the tedious prep work and leaves only the fun stuff so you can live your chef dreams and showcase your domesticated side. As the saying goes, the way to his or her heart is through the stomach! There is, after all, a certain allure to labouring and handcrafting one’s own meals.

Shiromaru Motoaji (from $13.80/pack) and Akamaru Shinaji (from $14.80/pack) – Enjoy IPPUDO’s signature Hakata-style ramen anytime! Leagues above off-the-shelf, instant ramen, savour the same great taste of IPPUDO’s smooth yet rich and full-bodied tonkotsu broth that has already been simmered for 18 hours to achieve its well-loved umami goodness, in the comfort of your feel-good environment. Each individually packed Shiromaru DIY Ramen Kit comes with thin, silky strands of ramen noodles, creamy tonkotsu soup base, pork belly chashu slices, and marinated black fungus that can be whipped up in just 17 minutes. Craving for a moreish bowl with greater depth of flavour, go for the Akamaru DIY Ramen Kit instead that comes with additional IPPUDO’s specialty miso paste and fragrant garlic oil.

Pork Belly Chashu (from $52/750g) – Made by a time honoured process uniquely created by IPPUDO, the pork belly chashu undergoes a repeated, gentle, gradual and slow simmering in a specialty soya sauce-based braising liquid that saturates the juicy chashu to its core. Expect mouthwatering succulence of melt-in-your-melt, umami pork slices.

Japanese Gyoza (from $42/pack) – An IPPUDO original, bite into the crisp and juicy chicken dumplings best enjoyed using a unique, dual cooking method of pan-frying and steaming. Simple cooking instructions are provided. Each pack contains 30 pieces of bite-sized gyozas for the perfect ramen side dish or mid-day snack!

IPPUDO’s Home Cooking DIY Ramen Meal Kit, and frozen items will be available from 13 June 2020, and can be purchased online or in-stores at various IPPUDO Singapore outlets (excluding Marina Bay Sands outlet).