IPPUDO Raffles City Is Now Open!

IPPUDO Singapore’s eighth dining outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre officially opened on 14 August 2020. The 80-seater outlet will dole out the brand’s signature ramen offerings as well as an array of exclusive dishes.

The Raffles City outlet’s menu is thoughtfully curated with local diners in mind, with exclusive salted egg and cheese lava offerings that will satiate the taste buds. The Shaka Shaka Fries ($6.80) is IPPUDO’s take on the highly popular shaker fries, now coated with salty-sweet egg yolk powder – an ingredient that is well loved by many Singaporeans.

Also on the menu is the Teppan Rice, which is served with a medley of red and yellow peppers, corn, and crisp-fried IPPUDO ramen noodles. The eggy homemade cheese lava sauce poured on to the sizzling hot plate elevates the dish with its savoury punch, guaranteeing satisfaction. Options include grilled wagyu beef ($13.80) and pork ($12.80) slices.

Other exclusive items include the Homemade Pumpkin Salad ($5.80), a refreshing mix of creamy pumpkin, diced cucumber and bacon that is heaped with luscious Japanese mayonnaise; and the IPPUDO Spicy Chicken Wings ($8.80), which are deep-fried and paired with a homemade sweet and spicy sauce.

There are also two new buns that make great accompaniments to IPPUDO’s ramen offerings: Salmon Katsu ($4.50) and Veggie Bun ($4.50). For the Salmon Katsu, a thick slab of salmon is robed with Japanese panko breadcrumbs, then deep-fried to crispy perfection and sandwiched between a warm, pillow-soft bun. The Veggie Bun comprises potato croquette — the creamy mashed potato plays well with the crunchy exterior. At the Raffles City outlet, each bun is served with three different types of sauces: IPPUDO Original Homemade Savoury Sauce, Spicy Chili Sauce, and Japanese Mayonnaise. Diners can customise their own buns by adding the sauces they like.

IPPUDO Raffles City outlet will also offer an extensive beverage menu, outfitted with an in-house sake cellar, with highlights such as Japanese-style Shochu Sour and around 20 types of sake. Diners can expect labels including Japan’s premium sparkling sake CHIYOMUSUBI SORAH which boasts a refreshing, clean finish due to its unique filtration process, as well as DASSAI Junmai Daiginjo 45 which will be available by the glass for $10.85.


Presenting Our Latest Seasonal Ramen – Tori Ton Soba

Savour our new and nourishing Tori Ton Soba that is packed with the rich, collagen goodness from a broth made of chicken.

Featuring silky smooth Tori Paitan (creamy chicken broth), this seasonal special showcases a unique spin on our milky tonkotsu soup base. The rich chicken broth is served with al-dente, medium-thick and flat wholewheat noodles, topped with tender chashu slices made from pork shoulder loin and chicken thigh, an umami egg, spring onions, freshly diced onions, black pepper and squid tempura flakes. And served with a side of umami-rich mentai butter and mini green salad.

This seasonal ramen is available from 8th July until end September 2020 at all IPPUDO outlets at S$16.50* per bowl (S$17.50 for takeaway & S$18.00 for delivery).

*Tori Ton Soba is priced at S$18.50 per bowl at IPPUDO Marina Bay Sands outlet and available for dine-in only.


We’ve Missed You And Can’t Wait To See You!

We’ve missed you and can’t wait to see you! From 19 June onward, we’d be open for dine-in.

As you can imagine, the team is over the moon but will need some time to adjust to reopening. Only a limited menu is available at our restaurants for the time-being while we gear up to welcome you back.

IPPUDO @ Mohamed Sultan #01-55/56
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 11:30am to 3pm & 5:30 to 10pm, Sat – Sun & PH 11am to 10pm

IPPUDO @ Mandarin Gallery #04-02 /03 /04
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

IPPUDO @ Guoco Tower #01-15
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 11am to 3:30pm & 5:30 to 10pm, Sat – Sun & PH 11am – 10pm

IPPUDO @ West Gate #03-03
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

IPPUDO @ Star Vista #02-19
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

IPPUDO @ Shaw Centre #04-22 /23
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 11:30am to 10pm, Sat – Sun & PH 11am – 10pm

All social distancing measures will be in place and please bear in mind that last order will be 40mins before closing time!

Our outlets at Marina Bay Sands and Changi Terminal 1 will reopen from 24 June onward.

Not ready to dine-in yet? Our islandwide delivery is available online.


Speak Love Through His Stomach – IPPUDO’s Special Papa Day Set From 19th – 21st June

Dads are like most ordinary men, who become heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and a best friend with love, but a hangry man you’ll be careful to stay away from! Shower him with love this Father’s Day with a hearty treat of IPPUDO’s Papa Day Set (S$26), available from 19th to 21st June 2020. Each set consists of your choice ramen, choose from IPPUDO’s signatures: Shiromaru Motoaji, Akamaru Shinaji or Karaka-Men, and a curated selection of tasty sides including Gyoza (3pcs), Karaage (3pcs), Spicy Chicken Wings (3pcs), Potato salad and Edamame – a feast fit for a king!

The set is available for delivery orders online, Deliveroo, Grabfood, and Foodpanda, and self-pickup only.


Limited-time Special – Wakayama Ramen From Now Until End June 2020

While we are still unable to travel for now, the next best thing is a gastronomic culinary trip in the mouth to Wakayama, Japan instead. Originating from Wakayama City, this popular Wakayama Ramen (from S$19 Take Away, from S$19.50 Delivery) is famous for its original rich tonkotsu broth, blended with a dash of chicken stock to produce a smooth yet full-bodied finish. Enjoy IPPUDO’s thin, springy ramen noodles topped with tender pork belly chashu, naruto fish cake, bamboo shoots, nori seaweed, fresh spring onions and the runny yolk from an onsen tamago. Available for delivery online, Deliveroo, Grabfood and Foodpanda, and self-pickup only.


Everyone Can Be A Home Chef with IPPUDO’s First-Ever Home Cooking Ramen Meal Kit

IPPUDO’s newly launched, convenient DIY Ramen Meal Kit takes out the tedious prep work and leaves only the fun stuff so you can live your chef dreams and showcase your domesticated side. As the saying goes, the way to his or her heart is through the stomach! There is, after all, a certain allure to labouring and handcrafting one’s own meals.

Shiromaru Motoaji (from $13.80/pack) and Akamaru Shinaji (from $14.80/pack) – Enjoy IPPUDO’s signature Hakata-style ramen anytime! Leagues above off-the-shelf, instant ramen, savour the same great taste of IPPUDO’s smooth yet rich and full-bodied tonkotsu broth that has already been simmered for 18 hours to achieve its well-loved umami goodness, in the comfort of your feel-good environment. Each individually packed Shiromaru DIY Ramen Kit comes with thin, silky strands of ramen noodles, creamy tonkotsu soup base, pork belly chashu slices, and marinated black fungus that can be whipped up in just 17 minutes. Craving for a moreish bowl with greater depth of flavour, go for the Akamaru DIY Ramen Kit instead that comes with additional IPPUDO’s specialty miso paste and fragrant garlic oil.

Pork Belly Chashu (from $52/750g) – Made by a time honoured process uniquely created by IPPUDO, the pork belly chashu undergoes a repeated, gentle, gradual and slow simmering in a specialty soya sauce-based braising liquid that saturates the juicy chashu to its core. Expect mouthwatering succulence of melt-in-your-melt, umami pork slices.

Japanese Gyoza (from $42/pack) – An IPPUDO original, bite into the crisp and juicy chicken dumplings best enjoyed using a unique, dual cooking method of pan-frying and steaming. Simple cooking instructions are provided. Each pack contains 30 pieces of bite-sized gyozas for the perfect ramen side dish or mid-day snack!

IPPUDO’s Home Cooking DIY Ramen Meal Kit, and frozen items will be available from 13 June 2020, and can be purchased online or in-stores at various IPPUDO Singapore outlets (excluding Marina Bay Sands outlet).